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GlobalsSteelConsulting GmbH would be happy to offer their expertise in all steel business related topics


GSC was founded by Klaus Harste in 2012 after leaving the Board of Saarstahl AG. Peter Schäfer joined in 2014. Since 2016 both partners are focusing their professional efforts on the consulting business under the brand name of GlobalSteelConsulting GmbH.


The approach of GSC is to offer solution orientated management consulting for small and medium seize steel mills and down stream activities in the steel processing industry.


Together with our customers we analyze and quantify potentials for improvement, identify the key levers to reduce costs, improve productivity and enlarge revenues. Based on the targets defined by the customer and an analysis of the actual situation ambitious but actionable plans are drawn up supported by benchmark with comparable peers within that industry. A clearly defined timetable together with an accurate documentation is the basis to secure effective implementation of those actions, which are identified as key drivers for enhanced productivity or higher revenues. The defined improvements often have to be sidelined by investments or changes in the organization.


The approach of GSC is clearly to follow the process from the initial analysis to the subsequent implementation.

  • enhanced efficiency in the core business of producing and marketing high quality steel products

  • reduced costs in non core units like maintenance or administration

  • optimized product portfolio and reorganized sales organization

  • turn around management 

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