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GSC was founded by Klaus Harste in 2012. Presently Managing partners are Klaus Harste and Peter Schäfer, who together represent substantial experience in strategically consulting, manufacturing as well as sales & marketing. The network comprises European markets, North America and Asia.


The approach of GSC is to offer solution orientated consulting in the steel and steel related manufacturing industries. Analyzing the existing strength and weakness profile of businesses, development of profit and growth orientated business models and realizing a new strategy in the operational mode of a running business is a core competence for GSC. With this expertise we are targeting customers who need solicitation in change management when they face a growing competition in their existing markets or intend to extend their business into foreign countries. Programs for enhancing manufacturing efficiency, cost cutting in non core units, repositioning sales and product portfolio, start up production and business units or turn around management for stranded investments are core competences. In their business career the managing partners were deeply involved in turnaround projects, the start up of production facilities and the strategically positioning of small to large scale companies. As well GSC is consulting Private Equity and Consulting firms in steel related matters.

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